How much does computer technician make

How much does computer technician make

Are you really anxious to know how much does computer technician make?

Well, as we know we are using a computer in our home and if you have a hardware problem you need to go to a computer hardware expert.

Therefore, the demand for computer software and hardware technicians is increasing day by day.

What is a Computer Technician?

A person who can fix the computer hardware problems and have a vast knowledge of computer hardware parts.

First of all the computer introduction is necessary.

You can’t be a good computer technician if you don’t even know computer software and the process of installing Windows.

How to be a good computer technician?

How to be a good computer technician

You must have heard the saying that practice makes a man perfect.

So both theory and the practical knowledge of computer software and hardware are necessary for a computer expert and technician.

I would recommend joining any computer hardware shop and learn computer hardware maintenance.

So don’t wait,  and search for the computer hardware shop and apply there as a learner.

Observe deeply and be polite and work hard to keep the practice. One day you will become an expert.

Computer Toolkit

Computer Toolkit

In computer hardware, there are many parts attached to the computer like system unitmonitor / LCD,  keyboardmouse and printer.

If you want to repair any part then you need a toolkit to open that part.

You must use an accurate tool to open specific hardware.

Now I will discuss the main topic that how much you can earn to repair a computer.

What is the Salary of a computer technician?

In computer science and technology, the most important and rewarding job is to become a computer hardware and software engineer۔

A computer technician can earn without having a shop. He/She can go to the customer’s location to reaper the hardware.

Well, I can not tell you the accurate salary but it is true that the handsome amount he/she can earn from this job.

Take your first step and the destination is yours.


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