What is Article Writing?

Article Writing

Article writing, to write, to describe a true incident theme and social concern.  The way to write about current news, events, and about people.

Article writing is a process of crafting written content for a variety of mediums including print, digital, and online publications. It is a form of communication that aims to inform, educate, and entertain the readers. It involves researching, organizing, and presenting information in a clear and concise manner.

What is the purpose of the article?

The purpose of article writing can vary depending on the type of publication and the target audience. Articles can be written to provide news, share opinions, offer advice, or promote products and services. Regardless of the purpose, good article writing should always aim to engage the readers and provide them with valuable information.

One of the key aspects of article writing is the ability to research and gather information from reliable sources. This involves understanding the topic, identifying relevant sources, and evaluating the credibility of the information. Once the research is done, the writer needs to organize the information in a logical and coherent manner. This includes creating a structure for the article, outlining the main points, and deciding on the tone and style.

What is the important aspect of article writing?

Another important aspect of article writing is the ability to write in a clear and concise manner. This means using simple language, avoiding jargon, and breaking down complex ideas into easily digestible chunks. It also means paying attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

In conclusion, article writing is an important skill that requires research, organization, and clear communication. By following these guidelines, writers can produce engaging and informative articles that will capture the attention of their readers. Whether it’s for a newspaper, magazine, or website, article writing is a crucial part of modern communication and one that should be taken seriously by anyone looking to share their ideas and knowledge with the world.

How to write an article?

Writing an article can seem daunting, particularly if you’re a beginner. However, with a bit of guidance and practice, anyone can write an engaging and informative article. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Choose a topic

1. Choose a topic: Before you start writing, you need to choose a topic. Consider what interests you and what you’re knowledgeable about. It’s also important to consider your audience and what topics they might be interested in.


2. Research: Once you’ve chosen your topic, it’s time to research. Look for credible sources of information, such as academic journals, books, or reputable websites. Take notes and organize your thoughts before starting to write.

Create an outline

3. Create an outline: An outline is a great way to organize your thoughts and ensure that your article flows logically. Start with an introduction, followed by the main body of your article, and end with a conclusion.

Write the introduction

4. Write the introduction: The introduction should grab your reader’s attention and provide some context for your article. Consider starting with a question or a surprising fact.

Write the main body

5. Write the main body: The main body of your article should provide more detail about your topic. Use subheadings to break up your article and make it easier to read. Make sure to provide evidence to support your points.

Write the conclusion

6. Write the conclusion: The conclusion should summarize your article and provide some final thoughts. Consider ending with a call to action or a question to encourage your readers to engage with your content.

Edit and proofread

7. Edit and proofread: Once you’ve finished writing, it’s important to edit and proofread your article. Check for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure your article flows well.

By following these tips, you can write a compelling article that engages your readers and provides valuable information. Remember to be patient and keep practising – writing is a skill that takes time to develop!

To process of writing an article with current format and syntax.

Parts of an article.

  1. Heading and the Title of Your Article.
  2. Writer /  Author Name
  3. Body (Divide into three parts Introduction, Discuss the main themes and finally write and solutions.

For example:

How To Write An Article?

By Rana Mehtab Alam




Before writing an article take these important steps.

  1. Understand the topic carefully
  2. Write down your ideas and headings about the topics in your notebook.
  3. Collect the related proverbs, sayings, and quotations of your article.
  4. Limit your article according to the limitations of the platform where you are writing.
  5. Collect images, news cuttings, and videos relevant to your article.

Tips to write an effective article.

Tip-1. Heading – Title

  • The first letter of each word or your article should be capitalized.

For example
How To Write An Article?

  • The title must be attractive and eye-catching.
  • Your main ideas on which topic you are writing, in this article, should be covered in your article title.

Tip-2. Byline

  • Write the writer or author’s name just under the heading/title starting with By. Like  By Rana Mehtab Alam.

If the article from any newspaper then mentions the date and newspaper name under the by section of your article.


Tips-3. Your article should be;

  1. Planned
  2. Use clear, easy-to-understand, and precise language.
  3. Interesting
  4. Attractive

Tips-4. Develop the content 

Discuss the main themes, highlight the topic, and give examples and logic.

Tips-5. Write down your own views.

Type the experience of your own view.

Tips-6. Summing up Your Views

At the end write down the suggestions about the matter discussed in the article.

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