WordPress Web designing and developing the Complete Course.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System). The backhand working applications with WordPress are PHP and MySQL.

It helps us to develop and design an attractive unique dynamic website.

It is completely freeware for you to make websites, that you can get free.

It has a variety of plugin for different purposes that you can use easily on your website.

What is CMS (Content Management System)?

We use it to create a dynamic website. There are two types of websites.

  • Static Websites

  • Dynamic Websites

Static Websites (To create or update a static website we have to type coding)

Dynamic Websites (We can use wizards and create or upgrade a website without typing the coding.)

What are the main features of WordPress?

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use if once we know how to use it.

Friendly Design

It provides friendly design to help us to develop and design  an attractive website

Theme Customization

We can easily customize the theme in WordPress.

WordPress widget

Using this feature we can change the website layout according to our requirements.

Page Styles

It provides awesome features to design pages in WordPress

Social Sharing Icons.

Through this feature, we can easily share our website to social media.

Installation of WordPress

Before installing WordPress we need to install the following software.

  • Notepad ++
    (we can also use notepad but I recommended to use Notepad ++)
    (X)Cross-Platform Apache MySQL PHP & Perl.
  • WAMP
    Windows Apache MySQL & PHP
  • LAMP
    Linux Apache MySQL & PHP
  • XAMPP for both Windows and Linux.
  • WAMP for Windows
  • LAMP for Linux

I recommended using XAMPP server for WordPress because it is for multi operating system and your website can easily open anywhere.

How to Install XAMPP Apache Server?

First download XAMPP Apache Server from it’s an official website.

After complete downloading XAMPP Apache Server, It will install in your computer.

Do the following step by step and follow the instructions which you will find under each image.







Click on the Open



Click on the OK


Click on the Next


Keep Check all the options and click on the Next


Install XAMPP into C Drive Just Click on the Next


Click on the Next


Click on the Next


Setup will complete the copying.


Click on the Finish


Click on the English Flag then click on the Save


Congratulation you have setup the XAMPP Apache Server.

How to download and Install WordPress?

First, download WordPress from it’s the official website.

After downloading a WordPress zip folder WordPress-Zipfile will appear in the download folder.

Extract this folder WordPress-extract

Now do the following step by step

Step 1:

  • Rename the folder and delete the number after the folder name. Your folder name must be the only WordPress. wordpress folder
  • Open this folder
  • a folder with the same name as WordPress will be in the folder.
  • Now open the next WordPress folder and select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A then press Ctrl +  X.
  • Go back to one step to the one level back folder and press Ctrl + V to move the files in this folder
  • Delete the empty WordPress folder.

Step 2:

Now copy this folder to C:\xampp\htdocs\

WordPress in now Install and ready to use.

How to Start working in WordPress?

Step 1: Run Open XAMPP Server Control Panel and start the Apache and MySQL as shown in the image below.

XAMPP server run

Make sure Apache and MySQL Actions Stop and showing the Port(s)

Close the XAMPP Server Control Panel and open a web browser. Type localhost press Enter

localhost dashboard will open as shown in the image below.

localhost dashboard

How to open WordPress Very First Time?

Type localhost/wordpress in the web browser and press Enter

WordPress first language page

Select English Click on the Continue

Wordpress Lets Go

Click on the Let’s go

WordPress Submit

Fill the form as shown in the image above and do not click on the Submit. And Complete the following before clicking on the Submit.

Open New Browser Tab

Type localhost/phpmyadmin PressEnter


We will create a New Database here Just Click on the New



Type Database name (wordpress) and click on the Create as shown in the image above.

Your database is now created open the Tab

WordPress Submit

Click on the Submit

WordPress Run the installation

Click on Run the installation

WordPress Install

Type your website Title, Username (admin). Type a password and your Email Address. Click on the Install wordpress

Now we have set up the WordPress website and login area

localhost/wordpress [Enter] for view website

localhost/wordpress/wp-login [Enter] for Admin Panel

WordPress Login

Type localhost/wordpress/wp-login in the web browser and Press [Enter]

wordpress login page

Type user name and password click on the login.

Finally, you are in the WordPress dashboard and ready to create your website.

wordpress dashboard

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