SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps the viewers to come to your website, blog or YouTube Channel.

I will give you information about SEO, in very simple and easy words.

You can understand that from this, SEO is a link between the visitors and your website, blog or YouTube Channel.

SEO helps visitors to come to your website, blog or YouTube Channel with their required queries.

It would not be wrong to say so, If you do not do SEO, then no one visits your website.

Like we sell a product, we do marketing۔ This is exactly the SEO does to market to your website.

Although SEO marketing can seem complicated due to various factors that can affect your ranking, the process of Search Engine Optimization is much easier.

SEO is the process by which organizations ensure that their site ranks high in search engines in order to find relevant keywords.

How to do the SEO for your website, blog or YouTube Channel?

First of all, see what your product is. You have created a website Blogger or a YouTube channel.

Write in one paragraph about your website,  Blogger and YouTube Channel.

This is called the Meta description or just the description, check the pixel requirements before writing.

If you are building a website or a blogger type your text in short paragraphs.

Use Subheadings to make your text-friendly viewable. Try to type text in an active voice.

There should be enough verity of sentences in your text.

Either you are doing off-page SEO or On-page SEO, you can use the plugin. And This plugin will help you in every step.

 How do I type the title according to SEO requirements?

Title, yes the title is the backbone of your website or blogger page or post, even YouTube Channel.

Type your title with the keywords to help the Search Engine Optimization to bring visitors to your website.

Do not forget to check the pixel length of the title. Type attractive words to describe your text about.

 How do I type the Tags according to SEO requirements?

Tags, type tags according to your text, so visitors can come to your page or post easily.

type tags and use comma (,) to separate tags with each other.

Try to type low competition keywords in the tags.

 How do I type the Description according to SEO requirements?

Do not forget to type the description. Use easily understandable words.  Type the real summary of your text.

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