Windows 7 is the operating system in this tutorial you will learn,

How to Install Windows 7 step by step guide demo?

You may need to Install Windows 7 if,

  • You replaced your hard disk drive with a new hard disk drive that does not have Windows 7 Installed.
  • You are reinstalling Windows 7 on a computer because you want to clean off your hard drive and remove any unwanted programmes, such as spyware.
  • You purchase a new computer without an operating system.
  • You are going to upgrade from Windows XP to 7

Windows 7 Pre-Installation Checklist

  • You have the Windows 7 bootable CD, DVD and Bootable USB.
  • You have the product key available.
  • Your computer hardware is set up.
  • You have Window 7 drivers available.
  • If you are reinstalling Windows 7 on an existing computer, you need a backup copy of your files and settings.

Windows 7 Installation Process.

Step 1: Power On the Computer

Step 2: Insert bootable Windows 7 CD, DVD or USB and restart the computer.

Step 3: Press F12 as the computer restarts again and get the boot options menu.

Step 4: Select CD / DVD and press Enter as shown in the image below

If You are installing Windows 7 from USB then you will see the USB Option.

windows 7 first boot message

Step 5: If all the above process will be OK then the computer will start the setup.

Windows 7 Installation Start

Step 6: Choose your language from the Language setting options as shown in the image below.

Windows 7 Language Setting

Step 7: On the next Click on Install Now

Windows 7 Install Now

Step 8: On the next page, license terms window check the I accept the license terms checkbox as shown in the image below.

Windows 7 license terms

Step 9: On the next choose from Upgrade or Custom Advanced. I recommended choosing a Custom Advanced to start a new installation.

Windows 7 Upgrade Custom Advanced

Step 10: On the next window choose on which drive you to want to install the Windows 7.

Windows 7 where to install

Setup will show your hard disk information click on the Drive options (advanced) then click on the Next.

Note: During the windows setups if you need my personal guideline you can contact me.

Step 11: On the next step choose according to your requirements from the options as shown in the image below.Windows 7 where to install new delete fornat

Windows 7 Installation

Step 12: After completing all the above press now the setup will start to finalize the setup process.

Windows 7 copying files

After several minutes the above process will complete as shown in the image below.

Windows 7 Complete Installation

step 13: After completing the above process computer will restart and updating registry settings as shown in the image below.

Windows 7 restart and updating registry settings

Step 14: On the next type your name, setup will automatically create the computer name from your typed name as shown in the image below.

Windows 7 setup owner name

Step 15: On the next page type the product key, but if you don’t have a key then click on the Next.

Windows 7 Product key page

Step 16: On the next, this window will appear with the following options as shown in the image below.

  1. Use Recommended Settings
  2. Install important updates only
  3. Ask me later

Windows 7 Recommended

If you have typed the product key then click on the Use Recommended Settings otherwise click the Ask me later.

Step 16: Set your date and time

Now Computer will restart and finally, to complete the setup.

Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 7 Installation video lecture guide.

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