Computer Programming

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is a set of instructions for controlling hardware and creating customized software for individual and public use.

How to Become a Computer Programmer?

To become a computer programmer in any computer language, you need to know and learn the following steps.

These are the necessary fundamental steps to become an expert Computer programmer.

  1. Algorithm
  2. Flowcharting

The algorithm in Computer Science.

The algorithm is a finite list of imaginary instructions and structure for creating any computer programme.

You write the main points and programming headings about the programme you are going to create.

You observe the task and make the finite list of instruction for completing this task.

For example, you need to prepare the tea, then the step by step procedure in order to perform the task is an algorithm.

In computer science to making any computer programme you take steps in order.

The Flowcharting in Computer Science.

The flowcharting is the next step of the algorithm. It represents the algorithm in shapes and the arrows.

 Flowcharting Shapes

start stop flowchart Start and Stop the Flowchart

arrow flowchart

The flow of  the Flowchart

process flowchart

Processing the Flowchart

input output flowchart

Input and Output the Flowchart

connectors flowchart

Connectors the Flowchart

flowchart counting 1 to 10

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