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By the grace of Allah, after the success of my YouTube channel all over the world, now I have created this website to teach you computer.

I am grateful to all the viewers who visited my YouTube channel. I hope you like my website as much as you like my youtube channel.

It’s all happened because of only the blessing of Allah Subahana Wa Tala and also the prayers of my late parents.  

May Allah bless my parents with Paradise. Aameen 

This website is the home of knowledge of computer science and technology.

I tried my best to give all possible information about computer knowledge and courses.

And I am updating it too. 

If you want to suggest any topic for this website then kindly contact me with your suggestion. 

I will type it with suggested by “your name and website” on my website.

In this website, you will learn the followings

Computer Courses

Certificate Courses


Website Developing and Designing

Computer Programming

Ideas of youtube videos for your channel. 

WinWord,    Excel   and   PowerPoint

Spoken English 


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Computer for beginners 

Learn the computer from the start or you are a computer expert and you want to get the jobs I assure you will get here all.

Complete guide to installing windows, managing networking. and website developing.

You can also become a computer programmer and computer graphic designer.

The students can lean GW-Basic Language, C++ and python from this website. 

This website will also help you in different fields such as computer office workaffiliate marketing and SEO.

You can learn the computer at your own home from this website

Google Adsense 

Are you searching for tips and tricks about approving AdSense or searching an alternating of AdSense?  

Don’t use AdSense with any fake or temporary Email Id. 

You can read stories, latest computer science and technology updated articles and you can lean daily use English conversation.    

Get certification in different computer courses. 

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Website Services and Keyword Planner

We are providing website developing services.  We will also guide you on how you can get hits on the website. Click here to learn Google Keywords Planner.

The technology is on the trend. And Computer technology is a big example of technology trending. The demand for a computer technician is increasing. 

And a do you know how much a computer technician can earn

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Always capture the good image of anyone or anything. 

Kindly remember me in your prayers.

Rana Mehtab Alam


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