What is a CPU?

CPU is the abbreviation of Central Processing Unit.


CPU is the brain of the Computer. All parts talk with each other through it. It retrieves the data from RAM. And Process it.

It performs, the operations of a computer system with basic ALU (Arithmetical and Logical Unit), I/O (Input and Output.

It is mounted on the motherboard. And has a cooling unit on the top.


CPU takes data from input devices. Process it with the help of ALU and CU. Sends processed data to main memory, and retrieves from main memory when needed.


What is ALU?

Arithmetical and Logical Unit. The place where the computer solves the mathematical equations

Math signs and operators

+ Plus
– Minus
/ Divide
* Multiply
% Percentage
^ Power

< Lesser Than
> Greater Than
= Equal to
<> Not Equal


What is CU

Control Unit. The part where the computer controls how to do the required task.

What is MU?

Memory Unit. The part where the computer stores and retrieves the data.

There are two types of Memory

  1. Primary Memory (RAM)
  2. Secondary Memory (Hard Disk)