winword shortcuts

WinWord Complete Shortcuts for all Versions

Shortcuts Description
Alt + F4 To close the current programme.
Ctrl + [ Decrease font size one by one
Ctrl + ] Increase font/text size one by one
Ctrl + = Subscript (H2O)
Ctrl + 1 One line gap between lines of a paragraph and selected text.
Ctrl + 2 Double line gap between paragraph or selected.
Ctrl + 5 1 ½ line gap between lines of a paragraph and selected text
Ctrl + A Select all document
Ctrl + B Bold Text
Ctrl + C / Ctrl + Insert To copy selected into the clipboard.
Ctrl + D Open font menu
Ctrl + E Center align text in the current line or paragraph.
Ctrl + F To find the text
Ctrl + F1 Task pane on off
Ctrl + F2 (Ctrl + Alt +I) To see the print preview
Ctrl + F6 Move into open files
Ctrl + G / [F5] Open Goto, to go anywhere into the document
Ctrl + H To find and replace the text with other text.
Ctrl + I Italic Text
Ctrl + J Justify (Align Paragraph )
Ctrl + K Hyperlink Create a link with text / Object to bookmark / to website.
Ctrl + L Left aligns text in the current line or paragraph.
Ctrl + M Indent Paragraph
Ctrl + N New blank file
Ctrl + O Open saved file
Ctrl + P To print on paper of printer (To get a hard copy)
Ctrl + R Right, align text in the current line or paragraph.
Ctrl + S To save the current file.
Ctrl + Shift + = Superscript (2)3=8
Ctrl + Shift + D Double Line
Ctrl + Space Remove all formats over the text and convert it in default settings


Ctrl + U Underline
Ctrl + W / Ctrl + F4 To close the current file from the screen.
Ctrl + Y to Redo undo an action. Repeat the last action
Ctrl + Z Undo the last action
Ctrl + V / Shift+Insert Paste (To copy from clipboard to cursor’s position.
Ctrl + X / Shift+Delete To move selected into the clipboard. that can paste anywhere else.
F12 Save As (To resave saved file into other name and location with or without editing.
F7 Check spelling and grammar.
Shift + F3 To change the alphabetic case.

[lower case] lunar computer college

[Title Case]
Lunar Computer College


Ctrl + Shift + A ALL CAPITAL
Shift + F7 To see synonyms and antonyms of the selected word.
Ctrl + Alt + T Insert a Trade Mark symbol ™
Ctrl + Alt + 1 Make selected into heading 1
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Make selected into heading 2
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Make selected into heading 3
F1 Help window
Ctrl + Home Move to the top of the document
Ctrl + End Move to the end of the document
Ctrl + F9 / F9 Start formula
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