Inpage Urdu / Arabic

What is Inpage Urdu / Arabic?

Phonetic Urdu Keyboard

Inpage Urdu is a software where you can type Urdu and Arabic text. which you can easily export to Adobe PhotoShop and in CorelDraw.

How to Install Inpage Urdu?

You can install and setup the Inpage Urdu software from CDs / DVDs  /  USB or you can also download Inpage Urdu from its official website.


How to open Inpage Urdu very first time?

After Installation when you will open the Inpge Urdu software, you can face different error messages.

Do not worry about these messages, just hit the ok button till these messages appear.

The first following screen will appear.

Inpage Urdu First Screen

To start typing Urdu you need to get a new blank file. For this Click on File then click on New you can also use Ctrl + N to get new blank document where you can type Urdu.

This New Document window will appear, where you can set page size, orientation, margins, columns and directions left to right or right to left.

After setting click on OK to continue.

Inpage Urdu after Ctrl N

You are now ready to type the Urdu

Inpage Urdu main editor screen

Press F8 to set the zoom to 200%

Zoom in and out shortcut keys in Inpage Urdu

F5 = 46.5 %

F6 = 50 %

F7 = 100 %

F8 = 200%

You can also type zoom value from 1 % to 300 % including decimal values too. For example, 100.5 % at the left lower corner of the screen as shown in the image below.

zoom value in Inpage Urdu

The very first time maybe when the press a letter from the keyboard in the Inpage Urdu to type ا (Alif) but the computer displays ق.

Actually by default in Inpage Urdu the keyboard layout set to Monotype and we need to use Phonetic keyboard.

How to Convert Inpage keyboard to Phonetic?

Edit >> Preferences >> Keyboard Preferences

Select Phonetic 

Now a = ا, and b = ب

You can also learn the phonetic keyboard from the image below.

Inpage Urdu Phonetic Keyboard)

How to use symbols in Inpage Urdu?

In Inpage Urdu you can insert symbols in the screen from the  Symbols menu.

inpage symbols

You can also insert the symbols by doing the following steps

Step 1. Change Inpage Urdu mode to English mode (Ctrl + Space) and English to Urdu repeat it again.

From the English fonts list select Webdings and type from the keyboard. As you will type the different symbols appear on the screen.

How to change Page setup, page size, orientation, margins and columns in Inpage Urdu?

Open Document…. option from Format menu.

Inpage Urdu Page Setup

Shortcuts of Inpage Urdu

Shortcuts for Editing in Inpage Urdu

Backspace To Delete the previous character
Ctrl + A To select all text
Ctrl + Backspace To Delete the Previous word
Ctrl + C To copy selected text into the clipboard
Ctrl + F To find text
Ctrl + H To replace text
Ctrl + Space To switch between English and Urdu mode
Ctrl + V To paste text from the clipboard at the cursor’s position
Ctrl + X To move the  selected text into clipboard that can paste anywhere else by using Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Z  / Alt + Backspace To undo the last action
Delete To delete next word

Shortcuts for Formatting  in Inpage Urdu

Ctrl + Alt + F To force align from both sides
Ctrl + Alt + J To align text from both sides
Ctrl+ Alt + L To align text left side
Ctrl + Alt + R To align text right side
Ctrl + Alt + T To switch between text and tab mode
Ctrl + B To bold the selected text
Ctrl + F10 To increase font text of selected text
Ctrl + F5 To increase space between selected text
Ctrl+F6 To decrease space between selected text
Ctrl + F7 To move upward baseline of selected text
Ctrl + F8 To move downward baseline of the selected text
Ctrl + F9 To decrease the font size of selected text
Ctrl + G To open the dialogue box of paragraph
Ctrl + H To open a dialogue box of character
Ctrl + I To italic the selected text
Ctrl + T To make style sheets


Alt+Delete To delete pages
Alt+Insert To insert pages

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