CCA (Certificate in Computer Applications) which Lunar Computer College is providing the following computer application software and courses.

  1. ICS (Introduction to Computer Science)

Windows (Operating


2. Installing)


3. Word / WinWord


4. Excel


5. PowerPoint


6. Inpage Urdu / Arabic


7. Internet


8. Typing


You can learn all the above, computer course free of from this website.

Just click on the course to start learning.

Duration of CCA

Lunar Computer College is providing this course in three months.

After learning all above 8 computer courses. And passing the online examination you can get the certificate.

Benefits of CCA

There is 8 advanced and popular computer application software package available in CCA.

It is a very powerful computer training course package. After completing this computer course you can apply for online and offline jobs.

You can work in an office or any factory or institute etc as a computer operator.


As a freelancer, you can also work on freelancer websites.

CCA Course YouTube links


Watch all the following links one by one completely.

All About Computers


Windows Operating


Computer Keyboard


Windows Installing






Ms Word


Word 2003


Word 2007




Menus of excel 2003


Excel Tutorial


PowerPoint 2003


 PowerPoint 2007








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