cv samples

cv samples

Did you know that the first thing you need to get a job is a professional CV or resume? Here you will find cv samples, cv and resume templates.

Creating and designing a CV is a very skillful job. If you visit freelancing websites, you will know how much demand there is for cv and resume writing and designing.

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What is CV?

CV is an abbreviation of the Latin word Curriculum Vitae. It is a collection of one’s records like personal information, educational career, work experience, skills etc.

In 1482, Leonardo da Vinci created and submitted the world’s first CV to apply for jobs.

You must have heard the word resume with CV. Actually Americans call it Resume while Europeans call it CV.

On this website you will find all types of CV and resume samples. You can easily change  and edit them after downloading the CV samples and resume templates.

You can write your cv resume in multiple computer applications like Word, CoreDrawIllustrator and etc

How to design and write a cv resume?

As you know you can write and design (CV Resume) in many computer applications, but in this article/post I will guide you how to create CV Resume in Word, Corel Draw and Illustrator.

What information does a CV resume include?

Before writing and designing a CV resume you should have the following information about the person whose CV resume you are going to write and design.

  1. Personal Information
    1. Full Name
    2. Father’s name
    3. Date of birth
    4. Nationality
    5. National ID Card Number
    6. Passport Number if necessary
    7. Martial Status
    8. Gender 
    9. Address
    10. Contacts
    11. Email 
  2. Academic qualifications
    1. Exam
    2. Year of Passing
    3. Marks
    4. Divisions Grade
    5. School University Board name
    6. Note :- Always  type the most recent academic qualification’s information at the top. 
  3.  Skills 
    1. Computer
      1. MsOffice (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
      2. Graphics 
      3. Website develop and Design
      4. AutoCAD
      5. Note: You can add more computer skills according to requirements.
    2. Other Skills
  4. Working Experience
    1. Getting a job working experience is very necessary but if your are fresher you can skip this field.
    2. Type your working experience one by one followed by numbers or bullets.
  5. Hobbies
    1. You can also mentions your hobbies
  6. Languages
    1. You must include language information in your CV resume because it will be good to get jobs abroad if you know at least two or more languages ​​more than the local language.
  7. Reference 
    1. End your CV Resume with reference


Open  the computer application or software in which you want to design your cv resume.

Set the page size for your CV resume. The most common CV sizes are letter size 8.5 x 11 inches and A4 size 8.27 x 11.69 inches. Americans use letter size while Europeans use A4 size. You can use both sizes according to your needs. 

sample of CV for job application

cv1 template

Preview —- Download CV Template



Your name
Contact No


Required a suitable position to my qualification and working experience mentioned here in my resume with a commitment to learning new objectives for long life career skills. Willing to work in a competitive environment for the abilities in subjective fields.


• Exam 1
• Exam 2


1. Exp 1
2. Exp 2

Personal Profile:

Name                     :                    Your name
Father’s Name     :
Date of Birth        :
CNIC#                   :
Marital Status      :
Religious               :
Address                 :
Contact No           :

Download CV Samplescv sample 2


cv corel draw template


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