Computer Introduction

Computer Introduction

Computer Introduction by Rana Mehtab Alam. If you are a computer user then you should know the complete introduction about it.

By getting the introduction of the computer it would be very easy for you to understand all the functions and using.

What is a computer?

The computer is a calculating and solving machine.  It really does not mean that to solve only math equations.

You can use a computer for solving any kind of problems.  Any query and question you can ask and get the result from the computer.

A computer takes the data from input devices and process it and give us the processed and informative result onto the output devices.

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Computer Parts

A computer is a combination of different parts

Main parts of the computer are following;

  1. System Unit
  2. Monitor / LCD
  3. Keyboard
  4. Mouse

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The four parts I typed above make a computer that works according to our needs.

The computer uses is growing daily. In the days to come, new users are joining computer fields for different purposes.

Computer Table

Computer Table

You can do a lot of work sitting at a computer table.  And the computer table design should be perfect.

The computer table is a very important part of the computer that we mostly overlooked.

When buying a computer, don’t neglect to purchase a computer table with a chair if needed.

You will really perform excellent work when you will sit on the comfortable computer table and doing your computer work easily.

Your computer table should be as wide as you can fit all computer input devices and computer output devices.

How to Purchase a Computer?

This will depend on your use and pocket. Mean for what purpose you want to purchase and how much money you have.

Mian part is the system unit while purchasing the desktop computer.

And In the system unit, you need to decide to put the motherboard, CPU and RAM according to your requirements.

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If you buy more than one computer for home then you can use one internet connection and printer with all the computers using networking.

Now you have your own computer and computer table, you are ready to work on the computer from home.

Windows Installation

Now the 1st task should know how to install windows into your computer.

You should learn about computer office work to operate the computer and doing all computer related jobs.

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To become a computer programmer you need to learn computer languages.

There are several computer programming languages that are available but it would be better if you start from GW-Basic language.

GW-Basic is a fundamental computer language which helps you to understand computer programming concept in a very easy way.

After that, you can learn other computer languages like Visual BasicC++  and Python etc.

Learn computer architecture AutoCAD and design the house maps.

Online computer certification courses like CorelDraw Certification, Website Developer Certification and Adobe Photoshop Certification.

English is the communication source between all you can learn English daily use words.

Finally,  computer use in education yes you can use your personal computer in your study for all subjects.


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