Make money by starting your own business on Amazon in Pakistan

Amazon Pakistan

Amazon Pakistan, now Amazon has added Pakistan to its list of sellers. Now Pakistanis are also able to be a part of this global company (Amazon) and benefit from it.

Amazon is the largest B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) store for all businesses and consumers. It is working digitally and physically.

More and more people are trying their luck in this business and they are doing their part.

How to earn from Amazon from Pakistan?

Before we look at the techniques to earn from Amazon, we need to know the history of Amazon. As we all know, it is spreading day by day. is the world’s largest online company. In 1994 jeff Bezos founded Amazon.

Most Pakistani’s ask me “how we can earn from amazon?”. The answer is “By affiliate marketing.”

Through affiliate marketing, any Pakistani can earn a commission by selling someone else’s product. is the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Where there are millions of products available that you can sell and buy from this store.

Amazon has now added Pakistan to its list. Hopefully, an Amazon office will also start working in Pakistan. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), Amazon Private Label Products and Amazon Retail Arbitrage.

This has been a great opportunity for the people of Pakistan to start their own business in Pakistan.


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