One day before the death

One day before the death

One day before the death written by Rana Mehtab Alam

I am writing this article “one day before the death”. In it, you will get how I would like to spend my one day before death.

Before I tell you anything about it. We need to know first;

 What life is all about?

Life is the name of hope. Despair is death

Those of you who are reading this article of mine, whatever your age.

You will all have some conclusions about life. Life must have taught you a lot. You may have found something and lost something.

Life is the name of those ups and downs. Have you ever seen an ECG report on how the heartbeats? Heart rate fluctuations mean you are alive.


In life, you must observe that everything has a conflicting site. Like if it is day and then it must be night next. Sometimes you were upset and the next moment you were happy.

You may have seen good days and bad days in your life. Time is not always the same. It was just what we get in life.

happy and sad

But what is life really about? I think life is a hoax. Life deceives you that it is with you. And we are easily deceived by it.

Let’s be accountable

How have you lived so far? Are you satisfied with your whole life so far?. Did you get everything you wanted?

As long as we are under the illusion that life will stay with us, we cannot be accountable.

Let’s compare the life of a servant with the life of a boss. Boss is the one who commands, The servant is the one who fulfils this command.

Why does the servant obey his master? You know why? The reason is fear. The servant knows that if he does not obey his master, he will be punished. He obeys every command because of this fear.

boss servant

If the servant knows that his master will not punish him, he will not obey as he should. He will make excuses not to work. He will not do the work with his heart.

Because he knows that even if things go wrong, he will not be punished.

Let’s go back to the topic “one day before the death”, If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, how would you spend today?

You will do everything well. You will not only try to do good but also do good. If you are the owner, so your attitude towards your servant will be very good.

You will feed your servant what you are eating. You will treat everyone with love.

Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you doing anything wrong? The only reason is the fear of dying.

This is the same fear a servant has with his master. It is because of this fear that he obeys every command of his master.

And whoever knows that he will die tomorrow and how he will be brought before his Lord. Surely he knows that if he dies tomorrow, he will never do anything wrong.

Why do we actually make mistakes? Because life deceives us that it is with us. Life says that it is with you, do what you have to do.

lullaby of sleep

Then life sings the lullaby of sleep for you. And as soon as you close your eyes, so it leaves you forever.

Live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow. Imagine what a wonderful life it would be. There will be love everywhere.

We will think before we speak. We will not hurt anyone with our tongue.

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