Experience Of Life

In my experience of life, no matter how anxious you are, it may be a matter of livelihood, but still never do these 4 things.

No 1. 

Do not do joint business with anyone. Anyone means anyone. If it is your brother or a relative too.


No 2. 

Second, no matter how is the circumstances? And you are not earning much but don’t go abroad for a job.

No 3. 

If you just want to do a simple FA, BA then it is better to start a small business as soon as you pass the matriculation exam.

Better  A Poor Horse Than No Horse At All

You can continue your studies as well as your business.

Make money with marketing

If you do have investment to start a business don’t worry you can you start marketing.

You can make a lot of money by marketing anyone’s business or products.

Every new business and products need to be introduced in that area where it is launching.

A marketer can play a role between business/product owner and people of that area to introduce the nature of business and products.

You can buy and sell products and save your commission۔

If you have no income to get products then, you ask them to borrow those things.

Good manners are a testament to being a good marketer.

Isn’t it better to do the study along with earning?

You can buy different things from the wholesale market, and you can sell them within 1 or 2 kilometres.

The more time you have to spend in winning FA, BA, the more you will make a name for yourself in the market.

Improve your morals, you will become the king of the market world and you will soon become a great trader.

When young people are being pushed for jobs by doing FA BA when they are longing for a job of fifteen to twenty thousand.

Then you will be the owner of your business, wearing good clothes and living a thousand times better life than them.

One thing to remember is that a person is richer not by the job but by the business.

No 4. 

Don’t think about the people

Don’t be shy. Don’t think about what people will say. Don’t be ashamed of doing the smallest thing. People only talk. Nothing comes of it when needed.

I hope these 4 steps will definitely change your life.


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