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Typing Tutorial

Typing Tutorial, yes welcome to my typing tutorial article. Keep reading and do the same as I will guide you.

For learning the computer keyboard to be an expert typist. You must know about the computer keyboard.

You can start your typing jobs on freelancing websites after learning typing from this typing tutorial learning guide article.  

What is Computer Keyboard?

computer keyboard

Look at your keyboard whether you are using a laptop or desktop computer.

You will notice that keys  F  and   J  on the keyboard have a little raised line.

let’s zoom in on the keyboard and see.

computer keybord home keys

Yes, it is. Why there these keys F and J have the raising line.

As we know the home keys are ASDF   JKL; and we put our hand on the keyboard like this.

hands on home keys

And F and J keys help us to find the correct position of the home keys to put the hand on the proper position.

Now put your fingers as shown in the upper image and type this.

How to practice home keys for typing?

 asdf (space) ;lkj (space)

Open any word editor like Notepad or WordPad and you can start your typing practice.

Press Windows logo button + R then type notepad or wordpad and press Enter.

First hit the little (pinky) finger of your left hand on the letter (A) on the keyboard.

And type other letters (S)(D)(F) with next fingers in sequence and hit the space bar with the right-hand thumb.

Secondly hit the right-hand little (pinky) finger on the letter of (;) then press LKJ in the sequence like this

asdf[ space ];lkj

and keep typing this again and again


Press the Enter key with your right-hand little finger and then move the fingers to the first position again.

Do this practice and learn the home keys and repeat this lesson again and again.

Typing Home keys practice software

For practising the home I have programmed a very simple and easy typing software for home keys practice only.


Lunar Typing [Google Drive Download Link]

Now add g which you will type with the index finger of your left hand and h which you will type with your right-hand index finger while your hand position will be on home keys.

Type this practice line now

asdfg ;lkjh

Practice the above line and repeat it for a minimum of 10 lines to a maximum of 50 lines daily.

 little (pinky) finger practice of both hands

Put your hands on the home keys and type the following keep your eyes on the monitor screen.

type (a) from the left little (pinky) finger and (;) from the right little (pinky) and type the following in any

aaaa ;;;;

How to type on a keyboard with proper finger position?

To learn a complete keyboard for typing put your hands and keep practising of letters (keys) with proper finger as shown in the image below.

typing hands




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