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5 Best Mobile Photography Tricks

Mobile photography is extremely easy art. I am providing 5 best mobile photography tricks.

It is a skill anyone with a smartphone in their hands can acquire and master, no formal training needed.

Ever saw a great picture with hashtag phone photography and doubted if it actually was taken with a phone or a high-quality expensive gadget?

Fret no more because there are ways to capture photos of extremely great quality with just the phone in your hand.

All you need is to take care of a few things, download a few apps for postediting purposes and you are good to go.

Let’s take a step by step guide to take amazing impressive unique and creative pictures.

Things you need:

  • A smartphone
  • Ta da! That is all you need.
  • Rules of Photography:
  • 5 Best Mobile Photography Tricks

The picture should not be shaky or blurred. Keep your hand stretched out while taking a picture and keep the phone steady.

Now gently tap the capture icon.

Take Pictures with Earphone Buttons

Trick 1: Use earphones to remotely press the capture button to avoid shaking your phone while tapping the capture button.

Framing of a photo is extremely important. The subject should be placed in the frame according to the amount of attention you want to draw towards it.

Placing the subject in the centre of the frame is usually very boring.

There is a trick in mobile photography just you need to reveal it.

A photo with your subject covering one-third of the frame and not the centre portion looks creative and gives a more conclusive image and information about the subject of your photograph.

Symmetry is the key to a balanced photo. Always look for lines in your area of photography. Use them as a guide.

A good photo has numerous lines converging on the focus of your subject.

In portrait photography the eyes are the key, Always Focus on The Eyes

As quoted in the movie Scarface “The Eyes, Chico. They Never Lie.”

Thus, a good photograph must look into the eyes of the subject.

Clean Your Camera Lens

Trick 2: Always clean your camera lens before taking a photograph.

We usually have fingerprints or dust on our lens which makes a picture less clear and more blurry leading to an unpleasant and less aesthetic photo.

Composition of your photo has a major impact on its uniqueness. The creative it is the more eye-catching it will be.

Try to give it a theme. Remove irrelevant objects from the scene. Every object in the photograph must have relevance and significance.

If you are taking pictures of books, use fairy lights, coloured pens, flowers, lamps, coffee etc in the fore or background.

Use Common Props for Mobile Photography

Trick 3: Using common props from daily life can lift the spirit of a photograph, making its ambience attractive and eye-catching.

Post picture editing not only enhances your picture but also is very fun and interesting.

You can experiment with different presets and enjoy the outcome.

Many smartphones have inbuilt camera options to add filters and brighten up your picture.

Following are some of the tips to use these options to the best result.

The easiest way is to use filters which already have customised settings.

For a more customised photo editing, use the camera app editing options.

Even the most basic cameras have Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Brilliance, Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, Tint, Sharpness, Saturation and Vibrance.

Furthermore, crop options have now improved immensely and the photo can be straightened using these tools to get a better quality of photo with straight lines and no extra objects in the background.

There is usually a slider with all of these options and moving it to and fro shows you how it will affect your photo.

Leave the slider at the setting you are most comfortable with.

If the photo is too dark increasing the exposure to an extent where it is neither too bright nor too dark can surprisingly have a great effect on your photo.

Brightness can also be used similarly. Contrast can be used to enhance different tones and tone up or down your image.

The tool that I like the best is Saturation and Vibrance. It immediately lifts up your image.

Adding some sunlight to your photo usually always lifts the spirits of the photo.

Vibrance brings colours to your photos and brings it to life.

Pulling the Slider too much for Colourful Photography

Trick 4: The trick Is not to overdo or underdo the editing.

Pulling the slider too much to the right or upwards may cause your photo to be very colourful but some of the colours will also become a shade darker than they should, especially if there are humans or pets in your photos, so try not to use too much saturation.

A controlled amount of saturation goes a long way in brightening your photo.

Add a watermark to prevent your photo from being used on net and also because it gives you a sense of satisfaction to know you own this photo and you have gone through so much effort to get it to look like it does now.

Using a watermark is often tricky but there are a lot of apps that provide these options.

You can also make your own watermark by editing text on your photo from your smartphones photo editors.

The next article will give an overview of photo editing apps and how to use them.

Edit Your Mobile Photographs with Adobe PhotoShop

Trick 5: Adobe Photoshop is the best computer software application which you can use to edit your photos.

You can learn and get Adobe Photoshop Certification from this website.

So follow the above 5 Mobile Photography Tricks for getting the best result.


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