How to upload a video to YouTube 2020

How to upload a video to YouTube 2020

How to upload a video to YouTube 2020, this article is especially for people who often ask me what is the right way to put titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails on YouTube.

And how can their videos get amazing results on YouTube?

We’re starting with the fact that you’ve created a video and you’re ready to upload it.

But if you don’t know the procedure about making youtube channel and all its settings according to the SEO then you can read this article.

How to edit, mix video is another process. You can watch this video tutorial.

Now we are discussing how to upload video after it is ready.

What are the necessary steps you shall take before uploading a video on youtube?

Start uploading your video

Click on Upload

And your video will start uploading.

Remember this!  do not upload the video publicly, upload it unlisted.

Always upload your video unlisted.

Now when your video is uploading then type Title, Description, Tags do other setting and upload Thumbnail.

How to type an attractive title for a youtube video?

First of all, we will discuss how to type an attractive title for a youtube video?

You will target the keywords in the title of the youtube video.

Get keywords according to your video topic and use it at the start of your video title.

Keywords help viewers find videos or information by typing in the search bar.

Viewers come to your video using keywords from YouTube or Google or any search bar.

So use relevant keywords according to your video topic.

If you are making a video, earning from youtube. Then the keywords you can use Earning Online and How to make money.

These are the most searchable keywords for making videos on the earning topic.

So must use keyword in your title.

the keyword may be Earning online with youtube.

How to make money online with youtube at home. In home from home .

So you can make the title of your youtube videos with keywords.

Today I am giving a tip, Use English Subtitles in your Title too.

I will recommend you to start working from today on this tip.

Use English Subtitles in your video title.

See the title of my this video how I type this title?

What are English Sub Titles?

If you speak a language other than English in the video. Only people who know your language can understand your video.

But if you use English Sub Titles then your video can be understandable for everyone in the world.

English Sub Titles is the youtube feature that you can use anytime.

You can now add English subtitles to your already uploaded videos at any time.

If you use English subtitles you will see that your video ranking results are going to improve.

Video watch time will also increase and you will earn more money as before

Because your video will start to be viewed on all platforms due to English subtitles.

So if you use this tip you will see the result. The result did not come out immediately but you will get the result.

Use your channel name in the title too.

Use pipe sign | (Shift + forward Slash \| ) in your title you can use (-) too but I will recommend using pipe sign.

How to type the description for a youtube video?

Now it is time to discuss the description of your youtube video.

Remember description is very necessary for youtube videos.

Sometimes you don’t see the detailed description or you think it’s not necessary to type it.

But I will recommend you type a powerful detailed description for your video.

Video Description will also help you in ranking for your videos or channel.

Video Description will also help others to understand your video content.

Because the description of your video should be in English, it increases the viewers and even the viewing time.

Viewers only come to YouTube when someone needs any information.

Subscribers are necessary to monetize your channel, but your videos are the actual assets where subscribers and non-subscribers can get information anytime they need from the search bar.

You can see in the channel analytic report of your channel, that how many subscribers are watching your videos.

When you upload the video all subscribers get a notification but a few only click.

Only your video will be played by the users who need it. And they will come to your video by typing keywords in the search bar.

Don’t worry about your first video, make your assets. then slowly you will get views day by day and increases…

Use all the tips which I am telling you in this article.

Type words about your video and Type channel link in the description of your video.

You can also read the description of my video on this topic.

also, provide your good videos link in the description.

Also, use a timestamp in the description.

What is a timestamp?

I am focusing on the title description thumbnail and tags of youtube videos. Viewers may goto to a specific topic by using the timestamp in my video instead of watching the full video.

I have provided a timestamp in the description for this video for the viewers to goto to a specific part of my video.

You will get benefit from using the timestamp in the description of your youtube video. Use it in your video.

What is HashTag?

Use HashTag in the Description with #. Promote your channel name with the hashtag in the description.

Don’t use spaces between the words using HashTag. Type in this way with the hashtag.


You can see these hashtags near your video title.

Anyone who will watch your videos can explore your channel by clicking on the hashtag link

We have learnt about titles and Descriptions now we will learn about tags.

How to type tags for a youtube video?

Tags are actually the keywords you add to your video for the viewers.

When a viewer types a keyword in the search bar then the computer matches this keyword with the keyword of the video and give you the list of matching videos relevant to your keyword.

Which keywords you in the Title of the video, use them in the description and in the tags too.

Type your title same in the Description too.

Use the title in the tag too

Use relevant tags according to your video title keyword.

For example, how to make money, make money online.

So in this way, you can add tags in your video according to your video topic.

How you can search for good tags and how you will get them?

As I told you make tags by typing keywords in tags.

Open the new browser, open youtube and type the keyword which you want to search in the title in the youtube search bar

Note down the result and use it in the tags. If you want a few changes you can do.

Same as goto google, type title keyword in the search bar and press enter.

then scroll down to the last of sech results copy all to notepad and you can use them in your tags.

So these are the most used tags viewers use to search. Now your video gets a chance to rank up.

If you compare to any ranked video with your video, it will take time don’t worry it will rank you will see.

Just use all my tips you will find the result.

not immediately you will get the result but you will get it. And it will be long-lasting.

Now add the thumbnail.

How to add the thumbnail for a youtube video?

YouTube thumbnails are like lighting boards that advertise your channel and entice viewers to click on the thumbnails.

The standard YouTube thumbnail size is 1280×720 pixels.

Thumbnails must be attractive because viewers watch the videos on youtube because of the attractive thumbnail.

If someone watches your video on YouTube, it is because of the thumbnail and the video title.

So make your thumbnail attractive.

You can use the following websites to design the thumbnail for your Youtube videos

Adobe Spark

Click here to get the ideas for making videos on YouTube.

you can also design your thumbnail in CorelDRAW and in the Adobe PhotoShop

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