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6 Months Computer Training courses with Graphics

You can see a computer is using everywhere like homes, schools, universities, academies, factories and offices. The CCAG course is the most widely used computer course.

So if you want to work on a computer anywhere, you will need computer knowledge and a certificate to get a job.

Lunar Computer College is offering regular and online computer classes where you can take several computer courses with a certificate.

6-month Certificate in Computer Applications with Graphics | CCAG

CCAG is the best 6-month computer certificate course in which you will learn the following 10 computer courses through Lunar Computer College.

  1. ICS (Introduction to Computer Science)
  2. Windows (Operating + Installing)
  3. WinWord
  4. Excel
  5. PowerPoint
  6. Inpage Urdu / Arabic
  7. CorelDRAW
  8. Adobe Photoshop
  9. Internet
  10. Typing

The above 10 computer courses package is the best for you to work anywhere like freelancer or computer-related job. 

Click here to get information about online classes and the fee structure of CCAG and other computer courses. 

What are the benefits of a 6-month CCAG computer course?

The CCAG has two parts CCA and G.

CCA is for office related work and G is for graphics related courses. 

In the  CCA part, you will learn office related computer application Winword, Excel, PowerPoint, Inpage, typing and the Internet.

In Ms Word or Microsoft Winword you can type applications, CVs, resumes, cover letters and letterheads including book composing.

Microsoft Excel helps you to solve all the mathematical equations and problems. 

You can make result sheet, pay sheet, electricity bill and shops bill in Ms Excel.

In PowerPoint, you can  make slide shows

Inpage course, you will how to type  Urdu and Arabic

In an internet course, you will learn how to use the internet. Browsing the websites. Downloading from the internet. How to create and use an email address.

Computer typing is an essential course. In this course, you will learn professional typing.

The 2nd part is the G of CCA which includes in CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop

CorelDRAW is a widely used computer application software for graphics users. In this course, you will complete the CorelDRAW with practice.

Free 6-month computer course

You can learn all the computer courses which are necessary for CCAG certification totally free from this website and from my YouTube channel

Click here to learn CCA and you can learn CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop 

During the free computer, training contact me if you want to get my guideline and the certificate after learning.

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