computer shortcut keys

What is the use of the a to z keys with Ctrl in a computer?

  • Ctrl + A

Select All


  • Ctrl + B

Bold Text


  • Ctrl + C

Copy selected data to the clipboard.


  • Ctrl + D

Open Font Menu (Word)

Duplicate objects

Duplicate Slide (PowerPoint)

Bookmark the current website


  • Ctrl + E

Center Align (word, table text box and also used to fill value and text in Excel)


  • Ctrl + F

Find text or numbers numeric or non-numeric data.


  • Ctrl +  G

Go to (Word and Excel)

Find on the website


  • Ctrl + H

Find and Replace


  • Ctrl + I

Italic Text


  • Ctrl + J

Align justify paragraph in Word and the text box.  

Open the Download folder of the web browser

What is the hyperlink shortcut on a computer keyboard?

  • Ctrl + K

Create a hyperlink 


  • Ctrl + L

Create a table (Excel) 

Left align (word,  excel and PowerPoint  text box)

Move the cursor to the address bar in the browser.


  •  Ctrl+ M  

Indent paragraph

Undo Ctrl + Shift + M Indent paragraph


Ctrl + N

New file or document

Ctrl + Shift + N

Create a new folder


Ctrl + O

Open saved file or document


  • Ctrl + P

Print current file

Get a hard copy on a paper printer


  • Ctrl + Q

Exit programme (PowerPoint)

CorelDraw Convert to curve in shape tool


  • Ctrl + R

Right align

repeat in Coreldraw, adobe and Illustrator

To reload the current website you are viewing in Internet Browser.


  • Ctrl + S



  • Ctrl + T

Hanging indent word

excel create table

Font menu in PowerPoint

Open a new tab in the Internet browser.


  • Ctrl + U

Underline in Word or any textbox 

Ungroup in CorelDraw


  • Ctrl + V

Paste from clipboard


  • Ctrl + W

Close the current file document window folder from the screen.

Also used to close the current website you are viewing in the web browser.


  • Ctrl + X

move selected data to the clipboard that you can paste anywhere


  • Ctrl + Y

Redo the Undo / Repeat the last action 

Snap to Grid in CorelDraw


  • Ctrl + Z



What is the use of Ctrl with navigation keys in a computer?

In computer navigations, keys are arrow keys, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, and Insert.

  • Ctrl + → (Right Arrow)

Moving the cursor to the right word by word.

  • Ctrl + ← (Left Arrow)

Moving the cursor to the left word by word.

  • Ctrl + ↑ (Up Arrow)

Moving the cursor to the up paragraph by paragraph.

  • Ctrl + ↓ (Down Arrow)

Moving the cursor to the down paragraph by paragraph.

  • Ctrl + Delete

Delete the word to the right of the cursor.

  • Ctrl + Insert

Copy selected data to the clipboard.

Word shortcut keys

CorelDraw Shortcut keys

Adobe Photoshop cc Shortcut keys

google chrome shortcut keys

Inpage Urdu Shortcut keys


List of shortcuts with Windows key in Windows 7

  • Windows logo key + D

To display the desktop


  • Windows logo key + E

To open my computer


  • Windows logo key + F

To open Window’s search


  • Windows logo key + L

To lock the computer.

Note:- Set the Windows password to make your computer password-protected lock.


  • Windows logo key + R

To open a run dialogue box for opening any computer programme by typing in it.


  • Windows logo key + T

open taskbar applications


  • Windows logo key + U

Open Ease of Access Center 

Click here to see how you can move the mouse pointer with the keyboard by setting it in Ease of Access Center from Control Panel.



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