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In this post, you will find free CDR and JPG files which you can download just click on the image.


Click on the image to download the CDR file


colourful circle


cdr design1


cdr design2

cdr design3


cdr design4


cdr design5

cdr design6

How to draw a leaf in Corel Draw?

Step 1. Draw a round circle (Ctrl + mouse)



Step 2. Get a copy of the circle



Step 3. Select both circles at a time and click on Intersect  Intersect coreldraw   and then move the intersected part.




Draw a line in the center of this intersected part of the circles.



Now select both line and oval and click on the trim icon trim corel draw.


After the trimming line will add in the shape as shown in the image below.



Now select the object and click on (Break a part icon Break a part or press Ctrl + K



Colour the objects green



Use interactive transparency tool and do as shown in the image belw



Finally, leaf is ready in Corel Draw

leaf corel draw

Download CDR leaf drawing in Corel Draw


Shadi Card in Urdu  in Corel Draw

How to design a shadi card in Urdu in Corel Draw

Download Link 

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