4 hidden secrets to success

4 Hidden Secrets to Success

How hard it is to get success? How much hard work is required to achieve success? Today I am going to reveal 4 hidden secrets to success.

What are the 4 hidden secrets to acquiring success?

You often compare yourself to others, that you work much harder, but you don’t reach the acquired level of success like everyone else?

You may not realize that your brain is fully involved in your success. What happens to you is the result of your thinking positively or reverse.

And be sure that your success or failure depends on your mind. Whatever you want to be whatever you want to achieve all is a written fate in the deep vital cells of your brain.  

Do you want to be a  successful person in your life? Do you want to be contented,  healthy and wealthy having all your desires fulfilled?

big yes

Obviously, a “big yes” would be your answer.

But the question is, how do you use your brain on this way of success? Here is the solution. It is only your thinking that gives you everything wealth, health, success and happiness.

First of all, it is important to know what your real desire is. What do you really want?

Do you know that you can cure the biggest disease just by thinking? Even cancer and other such ailments.

Everything which is happening in your life is because of your thinking. When you see anything of great interest for you and your heart desires it immensely, it becomes a passion for you to have it then obviously you can get it, just keep on thinking as you have already got it.

It is my own experience, that thinking really works in the achievement of your success or failure.

Now I am providing 4  secrets to acquiring success. If you follow these secrets you will surely succeed.

  1. Thanks
  2. All is well
  3. Love yourself
  4. Feel   

1. Thanks

thank you

The very 1st secret of your success is thanksgiving from the 4 hidden secrets to success. Let’s be thankful for everything from today. Start saying thank you.

Get in the habit of saying thank you to everybody you get even a little piece of goodness. For instance, should I wait for a thanks note in my comment section of this post?

You know what will happen when you will drop a thanksgiving or a good comment in my post then surely I will be happy and I would love to type more for you.

But if you did not type any comment then you can feel, what can happen to me, can you imagine my feelings.

You don’t really know how I type articles? I write each letter myself. Words keep coming to my mind and I type them into the article.

First of all, you must say thanks to your Creator (Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala) for everything you have.

It is better to note all the blessings for which you are grateful to your Creator.

Say, Ya Allah, I am very grateful to you to give me all these blessings. Be thanksgiving for everything of your Creator (Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala).

You will know that this process will change your life and success will be in your footsteps.

Thanks to the people

It is a human right to thank people. How people around us do something for us all the time? And we refrain from thanking them. But that’s not good.

Now get in the habit of thanking people who do anything for you. If someone brings water for you, you must say, “Thank you very much.” Give thanks to others for small things.

When we say “thanks” to someone then they feel happy and they would do your work more happily next time.

You should thank your dear loving mother who prepares breakfast for you even while you are sleeping in your comfortable bed.

Don’t forget to say thank you, papa. Yes, you must say thanks to your respected dear caring father.

Say thanks to brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours for anything they do for you.

If you are a master then say thank you to your servant for his work, then you will analyze your servant will perform the duties with keen interest and happily.

Or if you are a servant, then say thank you, master, when the master gives you very good remarks on your work or when the master pays you.   

The act of saying thank you has a good effect on each other and their relationship becomes stronger.

2. All is well

The All is well is the 2nd hidden secret from the 4 hidden secrets to success. All is well means everything is OK. Put your right hand on your heart, and say, All is very well. Keep tapping your hand on the heart and also keep saying it.

You will feel that everything is fine. If something is not right, keep repeating this action with full hope and happiness. You will see the result.

Say loudly All is well

The mean of “All is well” is that you are happy with your current situation and you are thankful to the creator (Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala) for everything. And you are happy with everything around you. Now don’t share your bad situations with the anyone, share that you are ok. Say by the Grace of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala I am good and happy.

Always share a good situation even there is no good situation with you.

 3. Love  yourself

To get the success it is the main secret that you must love to yourself. The key to success is to love yourself and it is the most import secret from the 4 hidden secrets to success.

You may be wondering, is it selfish to love yourself? But let me tell you how important it is to love yourself to be a successful person and to perform your duties. When you love something you care about it. When you love yourself, you care about yourself.

Dress well and eat healthy, sleep well and be happy. If you have all these habits in you, it means that you love yourself.

Now imagine that if you were happy and healthy without stress, you would do everything easily and willingly.

If anything seems impossible to you, say I can do it, yes I can do it then you will really be able to do it.

I am the best

4. Feel

Now feel that you have achieved everything you wished. Don’t wish, feel it. Really it is the 4th and final hidden secret which is going to reveal to be successful. 

After completing all the above-mentioned secrets thanks to Allah, thanks to the people and all well now feel that you already have all which you wish to have them.  

If you wish to have a new car. Feel everything about the car like the model and colour.  Feel like you have a car. Drive imaginatively. Happily repeat it daily. One day that car will be yours believe me.

You can really change your current status by converting your wishing into feelings.

Feel that there is love everywhere. Peace everywhere. Unity everywhere. You will find them all there.

So if you use these 4 hidden secrets to success you will see the result.

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