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Parts of speech in English

Parts of speech in English, yes today we are discussing the parts of speech with examples in the English language. 

What are the Parts of speech?

When we talk or we speak a word in our own language, we say anything.

It has a name.

Everything we use in our conversation has a name.

Everything is made up of a combination of other parts and all the parts have names.

There are 8 categories of parts of speech in the English language.

These eight (8) parts of speech help us to make a sentence.

As we know English vocabulary and tenses are the most important in learning English, similarly following these 8 parts of speech as well.

Following is the list of parts of speech.

  1. Noun
  2. Pronoun
  3. Verb
  4. Adjective
  5. Adverb
  6. Preposition
  7. Conjunction
  8. Interjection

What is a noun?

Noun represents the name of any person, thing or place.

A noun is the name of a person.

For example (Rana Mehtab Alam).

Or place.


Or thing.


In the above sentences, we can easily understand the noun.

What is a pronoun?

We can use a pronoun instead of a noun.

He, She, We, They …. It are the pronouns.

For example, read these sentences.

  • Rana Mehtab Alam is the admin of this website.
  • He types unique contents in it

We used (He) as a pronoun instead of (Rana Mehab Alam) and as well as (it) instead of (website).

What is a verb?

A verb express the action or being.

for example, type, read, play and upload.

Which work is performing.

He is typing.

She is reading.

You are playing

They are uploading

you can see in the above lines everyone is performing work.

What is an adjective?

An adjective describes attributes of a noun or pronoun. These attributes can be good or bad.

For example good and bad

He is a good boy.

He is a bad boy.

So good and the bad are the attributes of someone.

What is an adverb?

An adverb describes the attributes of a verb.

Fast, slow, new, unique are examples of adverbs.

Rana Mehtab Alam types unique contents on his website.

In the upper sentence unique is the attribute of the verb (type).

What is a preposition?

We use the preposition to make the relationship between two nouns.

A book is on the table.

There are two nouns book and the table while on is making the relationship.

What is a conjunction?

A conjunction joins two or more than two words, phrases or sentences.

and, or, but, while, because

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What is an interjection?

The interjection is a word which we use to express the emotions.

We use Wow! Hurrah! to express happiness and joy while we use alas! oh! oops! to express sadness or done any mistake.

Hurrah! I have completed this article.

For learning English as a second language parts of speech exercises are very important. 



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