Technology Trends

Technology Trends

We often hear that the trend of something is on the rise especially Technology trends.

New and strange inventions are happening all the time.

It is yet 2020 but because of the technologies, you can perform the unbelievable task that you can’t think to do.

Artificial Intelligence Technology is on the move and updating according to the trends.

In past, you could send a text message but now are able to do the live video chat.

But can you determine what will be the future of the technology as its trending is increasing day by day?

I remember very well that I used a dot matrix printer to print.

But now modern and latest printer technology is available that can create an original shape of the object by using 3d printers.

With the help of this 3D printing technology, human parts are being made and installed and the trend is growing.

Now if someone has lost an ear or nose in an accident, a 3D printer can be made that part.

What is the use of  Technology Trends in Healthcare?

Technology Trends in Healthcare

As I discussed the 3d printer similarly there are thousands of the technologies that we are using for healthcare.

And the trend of healthcare technology is increasing more and more than any others.

You can say the trend in healthcare technology is growing faster than ever.

A doctor can operate and stitch the patient with the help of robots from thousands of miles far.

You can check your blood pressure with your mobile phone or wristwatch.

Diabetic patients can check their diabetes with healthcare technology.

All the healthcare and medical technologies products available in the markets according to the trends of those products.

How we can use Technology Trends in Business?

Technology Trends in Business

Technologies have introduced your business worldwide. You can start that business which trend is in high demand.

You can take a survey to get the trending for any product from a business point of view.

What is trending nowadays? What is demand? Yes, these are the surveys every product owner should take before launching the product in the markets.

The main process of launching a product in the markets is called “marketing.

Technology Trends 2020 – 2030

Technology Trends 2020 - 2030

Well, when I am writing this article it is 2020. And you know how the trend of technology is updating?

The technology trend in 2030 will be unbelievable.

In 2030 The word impossible will change into I m possible.  

As we know robots are working in factories and at home but in the future man will be comfortable and robots will be at work.

ٰWell I can’t say comfortable or lazy ……

My late father (May Allah grant him a palace in Paradise) used to say. In future, everything will be done just by pressing the button.

I asked him an innocent question father then who will press the button????

The 3D printer is already in its infancy for medical purposes, but in the future, you will find it incredible in creating body parts.

All the technology parts will decrease in size but increase in performance.

Brain waves, you will be able to send and receive messages from brain to brain without any cell phone.

What is computer technology trends?

computer technology trends

The trending of the computer in both personal computer and as well as industrial computers are increasing rapidly.

As the computer hardware is being updated, therefore computer application software is also updating.

The Internet is one of the biggest examples of computer technology trends

You will design a map on your plot with electronic CAD tools and build your dream home with the help of modern computer technology.

Instead of books, students will use a computer drive to store and read data.

The book will be available on websites where students can access it at any time from cell phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

We are already using translating to translate any language into any other language.

But in future, you will be able to hear and speak any language that you don’t know about it.

Online learning now all the institutions are offering online classes and in future, you will learn all computer courses and any study online.

Use of technology in Education

Education makes us educated. 

Nowadays we heard technology news about education that how the trend of educational technology graph is going high.

So the trending of the computer and other science technology is on the way.


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