since vs from

since vs from


When it comes to the English language, certain words can often cause confusion due to their subtle differences in meaning and usage. Two such words are “since” and “from.”

While they may seem similar at first glance, understanding their distinctions is crucial for clear and accurate communication. In this blog post, we will delve into the nuances of these words and explore how they are used in various contexts.

Definition and Usage of “Since”:

The word “since” is primarily used as a preposition or conjunction in English. It typically indicates a starting point in time or a cause-effect relationship. When “since” is used as a preposition, it refers to a specific point in time or an event in the past that serves as a reference for subsequent actions or situations.

For example, “She has been studying French since 2015.” In this sentence, “since” establishes the starting point from which the action of studying began.

“Since” can also function as a conjunction, connecting two clauses to indicate a cause-effect relationship.

For instance, “He has been feeling unwell since he ate the seafood.” Here, “since” highlights the cause (eating seafood) that led to the effect (feeling unwell).

Definition and Usage of “From”:

Similar to “since,” “from” is a preposition in the English language. However, its primary purpose is to indicate a starting point or origin of something.

When used in the context of time, “from” specifies the beginning of a particular period. For example, “The store is open from 9 am to 6 pm.” In this sentence, “from” denotes the starting time of the store’s opening hours.

Additionally, “from” can also signify movement or direction, indicating the starting point of a journey or the source of something.

For instance, “I am from New York City.” Here, “from” highlights the place of origin.

Distinguishing “Since” and “From”:

While “since” and “from” share similarities in their usage as prepositions, their key distinction lies in the context they convey.

“Since” primarily denotes a starting point in time or a cause-effect relationship, while “from” emphasizes the starting point or origin of something.

Understanding this difference will help you communicate more precisely and avoid ambiguity.


1. “I have been working from home since March.” (Starting point in time)

2. “The train departs from platform 9.” (Starting point or origin)

3. “She has been taking piano lessons since she was a child.” (Starting point in time)

4. “The package was shipped from the warehouse.” (Starting point or origin)


Clear communication is paramount in any language, and understanding the subtle differences between words is essential for effective expression. In this blog post, we explored the distinctions between “since” and “from,” two words that are often confused due to their similar usage as prepositions.

By comprehending their unique contexts, you can wield these words with confidence and clarity in your everyday conversations and writing.

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