YouTube Videos Idea

YouTube Videos Ideas

YouTube Videos Ideas, in this article, I shall cover all the main things that everyone must know from day first to create a new channel on youtube.

If you are planning to start your youtube channel and you don’t have any idea about videos that you shall upload in your channel.

Don’t worry I shall give you YouTube Video Ideas, hope these ideas must work.

First Step YouTube Channel Name

It is very the first challenge in which each YouTuber has to pass. It is a selection of youtube channel name.

But it is not too difficult to give channel name to every YouTuber understands. In my own experiences, Channel name doesn’t matter as channel keywords. 

You can use your own name as a channel name. But your keywords will tell what is in your channel.

Next Step YouTube Channel keywords

The next challenge in which each YouTuber has to pass is the selection of keywords for the youtube channel.

Keywords are like tags for your youtube channel. A keyword must affect your channel’s video SEO.  Keywords are to clearly define your channel and represent your channel. 

You must think of keywords to call audience on your channel.  Look at your channel, and think about what content you are providing.

Then summarize them into simple keywords! General, DIY, Gaming, Education, Technology are the example keywords for your channel. 

You can also read my article about low competition keywords

Here is the list of YouTube Videos Ideas.

1. Introduce Yourself

It is really very effective for your Youtube Channel to Introduce yourself.  Who are you? What do you do?

Type the first thing that people should know about you? Be Polite and be positive.

2. Make A Channel Intro Video

Do not forget to make a channel intro video for your channel. And use this intro at the start of your video.

Click here to view a guide video about making free  intro for your channel

3. Make An Opinion Video

Mostly youtube viewers visit youtube to get other’s opinions for specific products or etc.

It depends on what topics are highlighted to get opinions. Tell viewers your opinion about things or etc.

4. Review Something!

You can give your review of anything you like, dislike and experienced. People like hearing what other people think about things, especially if they’re willing to buy something.

5. Make Videos on What’s On in Your Mobile Phone?

There are many things on your mobile phone to tell youtube viewers.  Everyone has apps on their phone, but no two phones are the same.

What apps do you use, and why? You can also make videos of your videos collections to visit someplace or event or game etc.

6. Make a video on Sports

If you are expert in any game you can give the ideas to viewers that how they can be good players in that game,

7.  Make A Video Of Your Room

Set up your room ideally.  A person’s room says a lot about them.

8. Make a Video Of Your Hometown

Make a video of your hometown tell viewers about your home town

9. Gaming Videos

Play game on your PC, Mobile and tablet record game while playing and upload on youtube

10. Make a Video to Review A Game

Give your review about games

11. Compare One Game To Another

You can also make a video comparing two games.

12. Make A Tutorial Video ….

This is a really wide idea to make tutorials. There are thousands of products, things and educations that viewers want to learn about them.

13. Food and Recipes ….

 This is a very viral able topic everyone in the world, need to cook and mostly they don’t know how to do this.  

14. DIY Videos

DIY Do it yourself there are only three letters (DIY), but you can make unlimited videos using these three letters. 

You can also watch my video about YouTube Video Ideas

Now you have the ideas of making the videos on YouTube. You can create your own YouTube channel.  You must understand about the SEO and title, description, tags and thumbnail.

If you any query feel free to contact me.

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