Which computer course is the best for jobs, yes this the question which, mostly students ask their computer instructors.

As we know nowadays we are using the computer in every field of life such as shops, schools, universities, offices, air,  train and bus ticketing, hospitals and hotels etc.

Well as a computer teacher if you ask this question that which computer course is the best for jobs.

Then I will ask you, what is your target job location. Mean in which department you want to get a job.

If you want to work in a department, you have to learn the computer accordingly

Sometimes students asked about the best computer courses for the jobs and also asked which computer course is best for a high salary too?

I always ask the students to tell me your interest. What do you do? What do you specialize in?

Before I tell you about the computer courses according to your interest or target department.

The first computer course that everyone must do

computer typing

No matter which department you want to get a computer-related job. You must learn about the computer, monitor / LCD, printer, keyboard and mouse

And the most important learning computer typing is essential to everyone for every field.

It would not be wrong to say that typing course is the most important of all the computer courses.

What is a good typing speed for a job?

The best typing speed for the job is 40 WPM. It’s mean to type forty words per minutes.

So if you are deciding to join any computer college or online computer courses, first start learning typing.

How to learn typing at home?

You can easily make your own first typing lesson in notepad. Just open notepad. Press Windows + R, then type notepad and press the Enter key.

now type the following home keys for practising typing. 

asdf ;lkj 

type above words and put your both hands fingers as shown in the image below.

How to learn typing at home

After practising home keys of computer keyboard you can use, typing tutor to learn complete computer typing.

After completing the computer typing course. I would recommend you to learn about windows uses. You must aware of how to install windows and use.

Learning MS Office is necessary for all to get computer jobs.

As computer typing, windows operating and installing are necessary to learn for anyone who wants to get a job on the computer field.

Similarly learning MS Office, especially WinWord, Excel and PowerPoint are also necessary to all.

These three computer application software WinWord, Excel and PowerPoint are the members of the MS Office family.

Each organization prefer to give computer jobs to the people who are also proficient in WinWord, Excel and PowerPoint.

You must be professional in MS Office, and the only keep practising will make you professional.

Practice Makes the Man Perfect

WinWord: is a computer application software, which we used to type applications, letters, resumes and books etc.

Excel: is a computer application software, which we used to create student result sheet, shop billing software, banking sheets, paysheet and electricity bill sheet etc.

PowerPoint: is a computer application software, which we used to create and design slide shows.

Now you have learnt computer courses for computer office work and you can get a job as a computer operator easily in any department.

Select a computer course according to your interest or job requirement.

As we are discussing which computer course is the best for jobs. I hope I have discussed all the important aspects of this above.

And you have known which computer courses you need to learn about getting a computer operator job.

Now the variety of computer courses are available for getting jobs. So which computer course is best for jobs.

It is up to the requirements on the booth who wants to get a job and who needs an employee.

Now I would give you a list of very important computer courses which will be best to get jobs.

  • Computer Graphics Course

What is a computer graphics course?

computer graphics course

Which software is used for computer graphics?

If you learn CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop then you can easily get a job as a computer graphics designer.

Most companies hire employees for designing logos and graphic design for their products.

For 2d and 3d computer graphics designers jobs, AutoCAD and 3d Max / Maya are the best computer courses.

  • Website Developing and Designing

What is Website Developing and Designing?

Website Designer & Developer

It is a very powerful computer course which is very best for getting jobs in any organisation

A professional web developer and designer can handle the following easily.

  • Developing Website
  • Designing Website
  • Mobile Applications
  • SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Graphics

How to become an Expert Web Developer?

Well, WordPress is the powerful web developing and designing course but, don’t underestimate the power of HTML in web development.

You can also contact me, for developing and designing your website.

You can also read my article on, how to become an Expert Web Developer?

  • Computer Programmer

What is a Computer Programmer?

Computer Programmer

A Computer programmer is an all-rounder, who expert in the computer field with lots of computer courses.

A computer programmer not only operates the computer but can create a computer programme and website.

Now I hope you would like to become an expert computer programmer and certainly you must be thinking, how to Become an Expert Computer Programmer?

[CCA (Three Months Certificate)]

CCA (Certificate in Computer Applications


  1. ICS (Introduction to Computer Science
  2. Windows (Operating + Installing)
  3. WinWord
  4. Excel
  5. PowerPoint
  6. Inpage Urdu / Arabic
  7. Internet
  8. Typing Track

Text lectures,           Video Lectures 

For registration and details contact me 

[CCAG (Six Months Certificate)]

CCAG (Certificate in Computer Applications with Graphics


1 to 8 from CCA

9. CorelDraw
10. Adobe PhotoShop
(Typing Complete)

Text lectures,           Video Lectures 

For  registration and  details contact me 

[CIT (One Year Certificate)]

CIT (Certificate in Information Technology)


1 to 10 from CCAG

11. HTML
12. WordPress

Text lectures,           Video Lectures 

For registration and details contact me 

Now everywhere you can see the computer.  An operator is operating the computer software, which a computer programmer programmed.

So there are several posts in the computer field like operator and programmer/developer/designer.

In short, you can start your computer carrier from learning basic computer courses like WinWord, Excel and PowerPoint.

And now you can become an expert in the computer field after reading all above in this article.

If you have any query or question you can ask it in the comment section.

I tried my best to cover up all the queries that could arise in the mind of any student about, which computer course is the best for jobs.

For learning free online computer course you can visit my website and YouTube Channel

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