Topics For Writing An Article

Topics For Writing An Article

Topics for writing an article is the main challenge to find. And you are reading my article for the same purpose.

First of all, sit back and relax. Calm down. Be prepared to go down this page slowly. Read this article very carefully and understand everything.

I assure you after reading this article you will find out the secret to search for topics for writing an article.

Did you know that words also have magic?


Finding a topic to write an article is nothing short of magical.


Writing an article is art. such beautiful writing that everyone wants to read.

Your writing needs to be so wonderful that everyone will be interested in reading it.

Write to improve, not to earn. Write in a way that gives hope to others.

Reading is the only way to write. If you want to write, start reading today. The more you read, the more articles you will get to write.

You know how the article writers can easily write an article on any topic.

Only because of having large information about the topic.

And the question is this how did they get this information. Obviously by reading.


Write to your viewers, not to increase your views.


We are used to shortcuts. I wonder why people also find out how to write articles.

Many people contact me to tell them how to write an article and especially for the topics for writing an article.

I inform them one thing, read, writing will come by itself.

It would not be wrong to say that the secret of writing lies in reading۔

So don’t ignore the power of reading.

How to find the topics for writing an article?

Hope you have read the above part of this article, if not read it first. It is very essential to understand all the above.

Do you want to write an article, well, on which topic?

Before searching for a title or topic, you need to know where you want to write this article.

I mean if you want to write an article on technology forum.

Then your articles should be related to technology.

The Main mistake which mostly article writers do

is to write the article on the totally different topics from their blogger or website name.

I know they do it for getting views on any trending or demanding topic.  And they are somewhat successful in doing so.

But they do not know that it is temporary.

Maybe at that time, you will also find viewers of your writing because everyone is looking for the same thing.

But later that writing will be buried in your website or blogger. Because a lot of people come to bury someone and after that, no one comes there.


Write something creative, interesting, motivating and long-lasting.  The purpose of your writing should be to improve people.


Write every word with love and care to fill the hopes in life for your readers.


Choose the words in your writing very carefully. Everything we write has an effect on the reader.

And the reader tries to act on what you have written.

Don’t try to mislead them for boosting your ranking.

It is very important for writers to keep their home environment pleasant.

Only a hopeful person can bring hope to others.

If you want what you are writing to have an impact on people, Find it in yourself first.

If you want to write about the fact that it is a good habit, to tell the truth.

I would say that before you write about it, make sure you are telling the truth yourself.

Then look at what you have written will definitely have an effect. And your article will rank from bottom to top.

Now I am providing the list of top searching topics of writing an article.

Top Searching Topics for Writing An Article. 

Now I am sharing my best topics for writing articles like technology, creativity, inventions, health, happiness, reviews, hope and more.

Let’s read the above paragraph again. Now you can see some bold words easily.

These all words are the one-word keywords.

And you can create unlimited long tail keywords by using these words.


What is technology?

You can add some words like role, age, benefits, advantages . . . . . .

What is the role of technology in our lives?

Just replace the word role and you have a new topic.

What are examples of technology?

Just add a (modern) word in the upper sentence. It will change into a new sentence.

What are examples of modern technology?

so I can make thousands of long-tail keywords only with playing with the words.

I would suggest you use the low volume long-tail keywords.

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Written by Rana Mehtab Alam

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