A Greedy Dog Modern Age Story

A Greedy Dog Modern Age Story.


A Greedy Dog Modern Age Story for kids. This is An instructive story by Rana Mehtab Alam.


Once there lived a dog. It thought it was not greedy.

But after reading this story you will give your remarks in the comment section, either it was greedy or not.

One day the dog was wandering around looking for food. It went to the door, to the door and to the neighbourhood, to neighbourhood searching for food.

The Dog was hungry

It barked at the doors but nobody came out to see why it was barking It tried to tell the people in it’s bhu bhu voice, that how much it was feeling hungry.

From a door a woman came out, the dog ran to her. And asked her in (bhu bhu) to give it’s any food. But she did not try to understand the dog’s request. She hit the dog with the stone.

And the poor hungry dog ​​ran away.

No one gave foods to the hungry dog.

Here I would like to ask a question.  Daily how much food we wasted and put it in the dustbins. You know if we share it with the needy people or with the animals like this hungry dog.

Believe me, you will be surprised your shared food will be increased by 10 times more.  It is really true we get more by sharing.

What lesson should we teach to our children?

We should teach our children the lesson of sharing. We must tell them that sharing increases, not decreases.

Now the dog decided to go to the market.  It was thinking maybe it found anything there for eating.  It went to food shop. Where waiters were wasting customers’ leftovers in the dustbins.

Dog tried to tell them please don’t waste it. Give it to me. I am very hungry. I will give you prayers. Please Please Please.


In its bhu bhu bhu bhu …….

But all in vain.  Nobody wants to feel and know about the feelings of the hungry dog. So it went to the butcher’s shop.  Where butcher was busy in making meat for his customers.

What did the dog decide to do?

Dog requested to each customer and as well as to butcher to give it’s an unused piece of meat. But everyone was in their own mind.

No one could feel how hungry the dog was.

Finally, exhausted, it decided to steal the piece of meat.

Why the dog became the thief?

The dog was really not a thief.  But circumstances and the attitude of the people were forcing it to become a thief.

Dog again loudly barked bhu bhu bhu

Actually it was the final try to tell the people about its hunger.

It jumped on a customer’s meat shopper. And snatched the shopper and ran away.

In its way, it was passing over the bridge. It kept that meat’s shopper one side. And peeped in the water from the bridge.

The dog saw it’s own reflection in the water. It felt that another dog is there. It dropped some pieces of meat into the water for that dog. And walk ahead. The dog was very happy after doing this act.

Moral: Kindly take care around you and feel the hunger of the living things.

Just share your leftover food with them. I assure you you will be rewarded as much that can’t count.


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